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If you own, control or lease land, property, communications or infrastructure assets we can help you. Whether it’s to realise the capital value tied up in your assets, develop them for alternative uses, negotiate lease terms or rent reviews.

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Dispute resolution

Arbitration and Independent Expert Valuations are time and cost efficient ways to resolve commercial property disputes. Our dispute resolution service can provide either of these or a commercial mediator.

Farm and rural asset consultancy

We can advise on managing all aspects of rural let property, including valuations, asset management, succession planning and tax mitigation, together with the management of in-hand trading businesses and staff.

Electronic Communications

Our knowledge of the Electronic Communications Code is unrivalled. We can advise site providers, infrastructure owners or operators on any aspect of the ECC, from new site requirements, valuations, agreement renewals or removals.

Digital Infrastructure

We will help you get the best out of your digital real estate. Do you need advice on digital infrastructure assets or to write a strategic asset management plan (SAMP)? We can help you with that, maximising your incomes and the best asset management practices.

Compulsory Purchase

Using our expertise in valuation and acquiring sites through compulsory purchase or negotiation for communications and infrastructure, we can negotiate the right deal for your infrastructure assets.

Digital infrastructure investment

If you have a strategy for battery storage, solar farm, diesel power support and EV network infrastructure rollout get in touch to discuss how we can help you. Whether you’re looking for sites for your network, securing funding from your assets or pushing for new connections, 4M can advise you on the best approach.


As a regulated firm of RICS Registered Valuers, whether your asset is in rural, telecoms, infrastructure or commercial real estate, we can provide sound red book valuations for your real property assets.

Commercial lease advisory

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 impacts on your commercial premises, be it infrastructure, retail, office or industrial. Our advice will ensure you get the best from your lease, whether you own or rent the property.

Development consultancy

From a development appraisal to construction project management and liaising with funders along the way. We will deliver your development scheme on time and hitting the required profit margins.

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