Communications Infrastructure Consultancy

With over 25 years experience in the uk telecoms real estate market we can deal with any aspect of  your cell sites and network infrastructure. Whether you’re a site provider with one mast, a fixed line or wireless operator, ask us about our solutions to your challenges.

E-Comms code agreements

The Electronic Communications Code means big changes when an existing agreement ends. No matter if you’re a site provider who’s received a notice for a new agreement or an operator wishing to vary the terms of an existing agreement, talk to us before negotiations become entrenched. Already in litigation? We can also provide expert witness testimony to assist your case in the English Upper Tribunal and the Scottish Lands Tribunal.

Network asset management

Communications networks and sites need an active asset management strategy. The value tied up in them is huge and we can help you maintain and enhance that value. Whether you’re a network operator or the owner of a single site, speak to us about your asset management requirements.

Neutral host solutions

Poor quality mobile coverage is a major problem in modern buildings. Modern, environmentally friendly building materials and techniques have the side effect of blocking wireless comms signals. Talk to us about how a neutral host solution can work for your building or destination.

Lease buyouts

If you’re receiving rent for your mobile phone mast lease, we can help you realise the value in that lease. Talk to us for simple, straightforward advice on the likely interested purchasers and the ways to approach them.

Relocation and dilapidation advice

Whether you’re re-roofing, adding another floor, rebuilding or just want to remove a rooftop tenant or operator, if you have plans to develop your property with a code operator in place, you need our advice. Talk to us at an early stage so your development can take place on time and on budget.

Site survey and inspection

Need help with understanding what has been installed on your building or land? Our expertise in infrastructure and communications means your assets are properly recorded and authorised.

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