Strategic real estate asset management

Our passion is property infrastructure and assets: Communications networks, energy networks, transport infrastructure, rural land and buildings.  If you’re an infrastructure business, investor or owner, we can help you get the best out of your portfolio.  Do you already have your strategy in place and you need more expertise to implement it or help in molding the team to its most efficient? Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


An alternative to equity dilution, securitising your assets releases the capital value tied up in your non-core business. Speak to us about funding options, equity raising and lease pre-payment transactions.

High level asset management

We can help you with your strategic asset management strategy, so you get the best out of your infrastructure real estate and investments. Need to write a strategic asset management plan (SAMP) or advice on alternative investment strategies? Come and talk to us about our bespoke solutions.

Rural land consultancy

We can advise on implementing the right strategy to get the best from your land assets and all aspects of rural property, be it estate management, succession planning, diversification plans, tax mitigation, management of in-hand trading businesses and staff.  As Chartered Surveyors and members of the Agricultural Law Society, we have considerable experience in rural land consultancy.

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