Mediation and ADR in E-comms Code case litigations

Mediation and ADR in E-comms Code case litigations

Its been a year since I started 4M Properties Group. In that time I’ve dealt with one Arbitration, all the way to a final award, completed the RICS Mediators training course to become an accredited Evaluative and Facilitative Mediator and provided expert evidence to the Lands Tribunals.

I have reviewed the Electronic Communications Code case decisions coming from the Scottish Lands Tribunal and the English Upper Tier Tribunal.

Not a case which I was involved in, but in the L&Q case at Maple House the Tribunal referred to the Parties’ costs being in the region of £300k. £300k for a site with a value of £5k per year! Regularly expert valuers, lawyers, Junior Barristers and Silks argue over sums in the region of £1000 to £2000 per year before the Upper Tier Tribunal!

From these experiences it’s clear that ADR – alternative dispute resolution – is the way to go for Code cases. The delays and costs incurred by taking them through the Tribunal process are so immense that it beggars belief.

RICS Dispute Resolution Service is shortly to launch its Telecoms ADR Service and I don’t think that can come soon enough. #RICSDRS; #ADR; #mediation

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